Wave Control – Boost Your Internet Connection with Just a Wave With Google’s OnHub

Google recently launched a new model of the company’s innovative OnHub line. This device has been developed by ASUS and its cylinder is shaped slightly different from the first TP-LINK OnHub that had been introduced by the company. This system too offers all the features that users have started expecting from this system. These OnHub routers are not just marvels of technology, they are also attractive in the way they look and people tend to display them proudly in their homes.

The Features

Traditional Wi-Fi systems tend to be quite a headache and the new ASUS OnHub is a great alternative. The company is known for its intuitively-designed products that are designed with user-functionality in view. The features of this product are:

  • In the latest model, the Wi-Fi speeds are significantly higher and the set up is simple
  • In addition, it’s easier to manage via the Google On app
  • Wave control is the other innovative function this device has. Users are able to boost the Wi-Fi speed for specific devices just by waving their hand over the ASUS OnHub- it’s a definite value-add for houses

The Smart OnHub

These OnHub routers are specifically designed to get better over a period of time. So, apart from the launch of the actual device, Google is also rolling out its first software update that has a number of performance improvements. This includes a very smart and unique antenna algorithm.

Regardless of where the different communication devices in your home are- OnHub is intelligent enough  to choose the most suitable  combination of antennas that will direct  the Wi-Fi signal to those devices; this is based on their orientation and direction. The one added feature is that for users who already have an OnHub, their router automatically updates when their network is quiet- and this doesn’t interrupt their connection.

The new way to connect

There is no doubt about the fact that Google wants users interacting with their routers in newer ways. The manner in which the hub operates with multiple antennas ensures that users receive seamless Internet connectivity in their smart homes. The OnHub ensures that all the smart devices in the home are connected properly regardless of whether they are moving around the house or are stationary.

But new technology such as this comes at a price. The ASUS OnHub has a $219 price tag and is now available for pre-order across North America. Google has also promised that the device will be available via select retailers as well as the Google Store.