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Want to start a website in WordPress but not sure which name to use? We’ve already brought you a guide on how to start a WordPress site. As you have seen, one of the first things to create your WordPress is to choose a domain name and then domain name registration.

The big question is: how to choose the best domain name for your website, blog or online store?

We have separated for you some tips that will help you choose the right domain! Furthermore, Regnames: check out our domain name service.

1. Use .com

There are new domain extensions available. From the original .com, .net and .org to .photo and even .blog

It is always recommended to use .com extensions . Because?

As tempting as it is to create a name for your site with a new extension, .com remains the most well-established and credible extension that exists.

The dot com domains are the most memorable.

Another reason is that many users (perhaps most) automatically type dot com at the end of each domain without even thinking about it.

The dot com is so common that even some smartphone keyboards have the .com key

In this way, .com is the most widely used extension and is already in people’s minds by intuition.

2. Use keywords

Keywords have an important role within the domain.

By using them in the domain name you are telling the search engine what your site is about. Along with developing quality content and an excellent user experience, keyword in the domain can help you get better placement on Google.

It is worth saying that it may be difficult to find a good domain name with your keyword that has not already been used.

You will have to be creative and match keywords with other words to a prominent domain.

3. Choose a short domain

Even if your keywords are important, do not overdo the length of your domain. The best option is to have a short and memorable domain name.

You can also choose one word domain name considering that one time, it will become the logo of your website.

A good idea is to create your domain with up to 15 characters. Longer names are difficult for the user to remember.

Not to mention that the probability is very high for users to err while typing long domain names. If people cannot get to your site, this will affect your traffic.