Owner: Questions About How to Rent a Property Fast? See Tips!

Having a property increases your equity and can be a good investment, but there is no use keeping a flat and generating cost. Right?

If you have a property and want to secure an extra income from it, check out our tips on renting a property fast now. Keep up!

How to find a good tenant?

Provide good quality images – Most people start searching for a property through the internet. So to get the right people to your apartment, invest in quality photos that show what it looks like.

Be sure to record details such as floor type, bathroom finish and other details showing the state of the property. If you have spent on renovating the built-in kitchen cabinets, for example, value them!

So that the photos come out impeccable, be aware of the lighting of the property and avoid taking photos against the light. But if photography is not your forte, be aware that some real estate agencies offer a professional photographer to record the images and value the sale even more.

Promote on multiple real estate portals – For your home to be seen by as many people as possible, be sure to advertise it on real estate portals, as these portals are often the first choice for consumers when looking for a new home.

There are professional real estate services that take care of these listings and still have prominent space in the portals, making your property is seen more often and, therefore, rented faster.

Offer a fair price – It is no use having an apartment or house in perfect condition if it costs much more than others. If you need to rent quickly, try to understand the market price and evaluate if your offer matches it.

An overpriced property can be “stranded” for months and years without you realizing that the problem is the amount of the rent.

Thus, try to understand the values practiced in the market according to the region, type of property, conveniences, finishes, among other details that directly influence the value of the rent.

If this is not your thing, look for a real estate agency so that you have the backing you need and understand the value of the market, it has the right professionals to help you. So that everything goes as planned and you can offer a secure transaction of your property. Find us at

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