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Knowing your skin tone can not only help you with your makeup, but it can also help you choose the clothes you wear and how to color your hair. If you have olive skin tone, it is important to know what colors are most flattering for your complexion.

Quite often, people mistake olive skin tone for a golden tan. However, there is a distinct difference between the two and that can make all the difference. In the following, we shall give you some tips for makeup for olive skin tones.

What is Olive Skin Tone?

 Skin tone, or complexion, is determined by the undertone of the skin. Olive skin is the combination of green-tinted skin pigment with natural undertones. This result is in an olive tint. Dark olive skin is more moderately brown, while light olive skin has an undertone of cream to beige. Olive skin is not as common as other complexions and therefore, you are considered blessed if you have it.

However, along with this rare skin tone, there are a few downsides. Those with olive complexions tend to have issues with hyper pigmentation, skin discoloration, oily skin, and tanning too easily. As well, it can often be a challenge to find the right makeup products for your skin. The following are some tips for choosing cosmetics for your olive complexion.

How to Choose Makeup for Olive Complexion


If you have olive skin, you are blessed with a natural glow. This means that you will only need a foundation as a makeup base. Concealer will not be needed, in most cases. Make sure to choose a shade that will match your neutral undertones. If you want to mix it up a bit, you can try cool-tones and warm tones as well.

Highlighter and Contours

One of the main advantages of having an olive complexion is that your skin is naturally highlighted and does not require a great deal highlighting. Contour your face as you would normally but use a subtle highlighter only on the high points. Do not use too much or it will look artificial and not natural!


The best blush for olive skin are peach or pink shades. However, if you prefer an edgier look, you can use a bronze shade.

Eye Shadow

While pretty much “anything goes” applies to eyeshadow these days, not all colors will complement those with olive skin. The best eyeshadow colors for olive complexion are shades of gold and bronze. You can also add in darker shades of blue, emerald green and purple


Dark eyeliner such as brown or black is best for those with olive skin. You should avoid bright shades such as purples, blues and greens.


One of the best things about having an olive complexion is that you can pretty much use any shade of lipstick. From bright glossy shades to subtle matte lipstick, the options are endless! Keep in mind that nude shades will not work as you already have a neutral tone!