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Black Men Haircuts of All the Time

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Sometimes afro proves to be hard to style. More often, when you try to style it, it works counterproductive of what you want to achieve. While cooperation is not one of the virtues of this hairstyle, there are many men haircuts you can experiment with. That is because, if you are keen on styling the afro, you can give your hair a sharp shape that holds well.

The key to rocking the best afro hair is following what you are told since, like any other hairstyle, afro also has its share of difficulties that you have to solve. Once, you have known what to work with, you have won half of the battle. Here are some tricks to rock the best black men haircuts.

The Buzz Cut.

Even if you are not interested in black men haircuts, you must have seen the buzz cut. It is a trendy haircut among black men. This hairstyle is pretty low maintenance, probably the reason why it is so popular among men. The Buzz cut is also very popular among the recruits. It is sometimes referred to as short military style, usually faded at the side and some length on top.

The Natural Afro.

This was the most popular black men haircut in the seventies. In those days, the afros were preferred for their natural looks, but nowadays the style has been taken to the new level.

Typically, a natural afro encompasses working with your hair in its natural texture by use of products in order to improve the curls and come up with length all over without considering uniformity. With lengthy locks but jagged finish, the natural afro is one hairstyle you would love whenever you see it.

The Shape-Up.

This is the best hairstyle for the guys who like coming from the shower ready to go out. It is a ridiculously time-saving haircut for black that also appears sharp. It is a sharp and edged style with a straight hairline.


Though the braided black men haircuts have existed for several years, recently braids for men have adapted a classic style worth trying. Braids mean any plaited style. On the other hand, cornrows refer to plaited braids that don’t move freely. Braids are a great choice for men who need a striking style while keeping hair maintenance as minimal as possible.


Though many people associate dreads with the reggae music legend Bob Marley, the style dates back a thousand years ago. Just like braids, dreads are styled by gathering hair into a big strand. The difference is that in dreads, the hair grows out into a matted twist.

The hairstyle is composed of tightly twisted hair braids that over time, make dreadlocks. Once formed, the dreadlocks cannot be unraveled so if you no longer want them anymore, the only thing you can do is to cut them or change your mind and commit. Another thing is that you should be prepared to maintain them as any negligence can make them look untidy and unappealing.